Lori Thatcher

Writing and Thinking about writing


Ten Reasons to Write Your Memoir

  1. Everyone has a story. Why not write yours? You can start writing your memoir without knowing exactly where it will take you, but you may end up being amazed at the journey.
  2. Writing your story helps you remember things that have been lost in the recesses of your memory.
  3. As you search through your memories, you get a sense of the roads you’ve traveled, and see common threads that are woven throughout. It inspires optimism and helps you to see what has been wonderful about your life and how brave you have been.
  4. Writing your story helps you learn how to tell a story better, and how to communicate better.
  5. You will leave a record of your life for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  6. Writing is a great mental exercise. It encourages you to learn new things about – grammar and punctuation, word use and choice, and better organization.
  7. Writing helps you to “be” a writer. Your newly polished writing skills can help you to write more appealing letters, clearer emails and can be useful in countless other life situations.
  8. It can be cathartic to write about past hurts, losses and regrets, and you don’t have to share everything you write.  
  9. You can share life lessons, ideas and wisdom with others, and by sharing your writing, can inspire others to write.
  10. Last, but not least – it’s fun!