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Fleeing the Cold

A grey day on St Augustine Beach

A grey day on St Augustine Beach

I would celebrate yet another windy grey day here in Florida if it weren’t for the family in the vacation rental next door. I can afford a few days of bad weather, a trifling part of the three months I’ll be here. And besides, something about lousy weather charms this Northern-girl-at-heart. Even a crummy day here rarely features the icy walking conditions which trap me inside in Massachusetts.

Instead it’s a refreshing deviation from Florida’s boundless sunlit days for someone in love with the “wait a minute” New England weather.

But not for this family. They’re here to trade seven days in the refrigerated north for a blissful week in warm, sunny Florida. Except it isn’t. Not now. One balmy bright day bookended by seemingly endless grey, foggy rifts with rain thrown in here and there. I watch Mom and Dad drag their beach chairs and sand toys across the walkway, the kids cocooned in freshly purchased sweatshirts. They huddle on the sand, determined to have a time on the beach to recall.

Me? I’m inside, But I can’t draw my gaze away from the seascape. The palm tree fronds whip back and forth, the ocean flaunts whitecaps as far as I can see, and the horizon is cottoned by grey. I slide the glass door open just an inch to relish the wail of the wind. The kid’s voices are gusted to me by the squall, “Daddy, can we go inside?”



What is this Blue Heron Doing?

The Blue Heron perched like this on the top of a tall stump (or short broken tree) at Viera wetlands in Florida in late April or early May this year for several minutes. I’ve seen a lot of Blue Herons, but I’ve never seen one perch like this.


The Dancers

Wood StorkThe Wood Storks in Oyster Creek yesterday had on fancy white-feathered tutus. Incongruous with their black tights and grizzled black faces, but lovely nonetheless. They preformed a ballet dance, or perhaps it was more like a fencing match with jabs and feints and some flapping of wings while showing glimpses of their black slips.

But that wasn’t the first thing that attracted me and made me pull over and turn around and grab my camera. It was the reflections that were doing a distorted and upside down parody of their movements.