Lori Thatcher

Writing and Thinking about writing

About Me!

The web is full of good writers vying for attention. So, if you are reading anything on my site, know that I appreciate it dearly.

My goal has mostly been to inspire others to write–especially seniors to write memoir. I lead senior writing groups and workshops on beginning a memoir.

I have published a collection–Days & Moments, Moments and Days–for The Well Done Writers, a senior writing group in Massachusetts. It is divided into chapters, each prefaced by a prompt that I wrote: Early Days, Working Days, Difficult Days, etc. I hope to do others with other senior writing groups.

When I started writing in 2010, it was a pleasant part-time diversion. Now writing is as much a part of my day as drinking coffee.

My original writer’s group, River House Writers of Saint Augustine, was a great inspiration to me. The leader, Peter Guinta, senior writer from the St. Augustine Record, was a good motivator and a just critic.

I learned that any group will have many types of writers, but the ones who amaze me are those who have never written and yet produce pieces about their lives that are interesting and insightful. It’s a privilege to be among them.


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