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Lift Off Response to Write on Edge Surprise Challenge


I wasn’t sure if it was the earth moving or just the air vibrating, but the tremble sunk to my bones. It felt at once all around me and inside me. The light was so bright, it took over the task of casting shadows from the sun.
I watched it in binoculars until I saw the two pinpoints of light that were the solid fuel tanks jettisoning.
When it was gone we turned to each other and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was bubbling up from the vibrations that had been forced into my bones.
One of the ladies who had been standing next to me turned and said, “Well, isn’t that something?”
That statement has always felt like it didn’t really mean anything to me, but I found myself answering, “It sure was. It was really something.”


9 thoughts on “Lift Off Response to Write on Edge Surprise Challenge

  1. I like it! Short and sweet. Seeing a launch is on my bucket list. Too late for the shuttle, but I still have years in me.

  2. Short but I really, really enjoyed this piece. Not sure if it’s fiction or not but I love the end with the memory of the woman turning towards you.

  3. Have you really seen a launch? I’m so envious of those who did.
    And the sensation of laughing after an event like that, such a true feeling!

    • I’ve been lucky enough to see two launches, one daytime and one night. Plus I heard a re-entry, although I never saw the shuttle. They were amazing. (I’ve heard “amazing” is a word to be avoided because there are precious few things that it fits – but this was one of those.)

      Thanks for your comment.


  4. “tremble sunk to my bones” oooooh. That is a fantastic image.

  5. You take me there and show me a launch through your eyes and I thank you!

  6. This was NICE! Exactly what I imagined a launch would feel like 😀

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