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What is this Blue Heron Doing?


The Blue Heron perched like this on the top of a tall stump (or short broken tree) at Viera wetlands in Florida in late April or early May this year for several minutes. I’ve seen a lot of Blue Herons, but I’ve never seen one perch like this.


3 thoughts on “What is this Blue Heron Doing?

  1. Is that his wings? Maybe he has them out to dry, like the cormorant does?!

  2. There was no other herons close to him, so I don’t think it had anything to do mating, but there were half grown chicks in nests not too far away. He (she?) flew in from across a wetland area, perched like this for a few minutes and then stretched its wings out and folded them the normal way. I thought it was so interesting.

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