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Poetic Asides Wednesday Poeming


For this week’s prompt, write a “don’t start that again” poem.

Voices in My Head

It always was the same lame apology:
don’t risk or reach or be a bother,
fear embraces limits and barriers, after all.
Excuses are cuddled and dare rocked to sleep.

The ceaseless gnawing on the bone of confidence
the narration of lack and challenge of merit
All these voices in my head, I thought you had gone
Don’t start that again. Don’t.


4 thoughts on “Poetic Asides Wednesday Poeming

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  2. They’re never really gone… they’re always lurking. Great poem!

  3. The descriptive words used here paint a striking imagery of the war with self-confidence that we fight within. The sentiments are strong, and the speaker is vying between asking for help and trying to find a way out. Wide audience reach, and easily responsive theme.

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