Lori Thatcher

Writing and Thinking about writing

Poem-a-Day day 23

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Early each day I get the prompt

and struggle to post a poem

most of the time I just feel stomped

and could dent a jeroboam

the words of the poem just don’t seem right

they follow me around all day

they argue and morph and sometimes bite

as each tries to get its way

If I cut one out it haunts me still

demanding its place in the sun

if I add one more, it seems like fill

and the poem just doesn’t feel done

Finally happy, I put it to rest

I can re-post if it just won’t let go

I think its not bad, maybe one of the best

‘til I read ones by Walt, de or Joe

(or RJ or Pam or PKP or Connie or Andrew or The Doctor, or PCS or MiskMask or Jacqueline or mike M or Mike G or Buddah or Linda or  Dare or JD or Daniel or Paula or Rob or Karen or lain or Nina or……. I give up……)


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