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Peeking through the heavy clouds

The Poem-a-Day Challenge today is:

For today’s prompt, write a ready to celebrate poem.  You could chronicle the actual celebration or even write about the anticipation of one.


I thought about which celebration I anticipated the most keenly and the thing that steamrolled my thoughts was sunrises.

I go in the dark early morning hours to the edge of the sea and wait for the spectacle. It never fails to satisfy my anticipation, even when the total show amounts to just the change to daylight on a cloud covered day.

But the days when the clouds seem like they will hide the sun, but then it somehow manages to peek out at the horizon before plunging behind the cloud cover are my favorites.

So, here’s mine:


To think that it happens every day

the light seeping over the horizon

spreading like a pink stain.

At first just a suggestion

or maybe it’s only your imagination

and able eyes adjusting to the dark.

Then it comes

catching a cloud and coloring

a wafer-thin edge hot-metal white

elongating like a hot-air balloon

as it struggles to escape

the horizon


2 thoughts on “Poeming

  1. I’m a big sunrise fan too, of both the spectacular and the subtle ones. In The Odyssey, Homer is always describing Dawn “with her rose red fingers”. I love that.

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