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4/6 Poem-a-Day


Nothing has made me feel more like “Not-a-Poet” than the poem a day challenge, although I wonder if my rush to get one posted quickly might contribute to the problem. I see wonderful poems appearing like an instant poem in a can, just open the can, stir it up and heat for two minutes in the microwave.

Who are these people who can produce a credible (in some cases “incredible) poem so quickly? I am in awe of them. But I will trudge on. Tomorrow I will try to let it sit a while and see if it matures a bit, but for today, here is my response.

The prompt for today was:

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Don’t (blank), (blank),” replace each of the blanks with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem.

Here’s mine:

Don’t worry, poems

I got your telegram

early this morning

I’ve been so concerned

with your absence

I considered putting up posters

saying “my poems are missing”

and offering a reward

for any information

I understand what you’re saying

you have, for so long

enjoyed hiding in the corners

evolving and growing

resembling dust bunnies

overlooked until you burst out

like little tumbleweeds

that can’t be ignored

I know you are sick of being

wiped up as dust

and slapped onto the paper

like finger-painting by a two-year old

Like the showgirl

in her underwear

only one eyebrow done

when her onstage call comes

But don’t worry poems

I’ll wait for you

I’ll just mess around here

until you return

April isn’t that long


8 thoughts on “4/6 Poem-a-Day

  1. I love that – beautiful imagery – poem as dust bunny, poem as tumbleweed, poem as fingerpainting – love it!

  2. Hey Lori,
    I changed blog address.

    I liked the poem. Does anyone receive telegrams nowadays, one wonders 😕

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  4. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner rebekah. I haven’t been paying attention to my blog lately. Moved from Florida to Mass recently too. But I do wonder about telegrams. What would be the need for one? If one was on a media-starved island? Maybe my poems should have emailed me?

    • Wow … Fla. to Mass. that’s quite a change!

      • It seems so much more dramatic than it really was. I actually didn’t even have to pack. We made sure everything was stable in the house – not much loose stuff – hitched our car onto the back and then moved the house North 1200 miles. (Yes we live full time in an RV.) What is strange is suddenly having our home in a different place. Everything inside is the same, but each window has a new scene. I find myself planning in my head to go to a store or a place that is now so very far away. I am quite discombobulated until we establish new routines. And In October we’ll reverse.

      • ahh … okay. So this is something you do each year? Back and forth? How does it work with postal address? You have a box in both places?

        It sounds like a good idea. We have friends in Quebec City that go and live in Fla. a certain number of months of the years. Snowbirds. They have their home in QC rented out each time, and to me that sounds too tiresome.

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