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Poem of the Day


The mission for today (it’s actually called a “prompt”)  is to write a goofy poem or a serious poem. That seems to cover just about any poem I could write but I dashed off one in five minutes and here it is:

The bobble head he stares at me

and all I have to do

is wiggle my butt in my chair

and he is nodding too

No matter what the question is

he always answers yes

If I ask if he’s done something wrong

he’ll eagerly confess

And if I need a back up man

who’ll always take my side

he stands up straight and nods his head

his service bona fide

I changed the last line from:

“his guard is bona fide” but not until after I had posted it.


3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. eloquent delivery of your message.

    keep it up.

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