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I Cannot Eat Green Eggs and Ham


   (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)

I cannot eat green eggs and ham

I do not munch full cans of Spam

 I did not eat that loaf of bread

I did not slurp that trans-fat spread

 I won’t devour that piece of cake

I will not chomp that inch-thick steak

 I did not cut it with a knife

I swear I didn’t, on my life

 I could not, would not, gorge myself

I leave the candy on the shelf

 I shall not bolt that ice cream cone

I can, I will, leave it alone

 Swallow fat I will not do

I’ll just chew my leather shoe

 To gobble gravy is not my scene

I’d rather have just one string bean

 So leave me alone, you silly twit

You will not tempt me – not a bit


4 thoughts on “I Cannot Eat Green Eggs and Ham

  1. This was adorable. Loved the Dr. Seuss cadence!

  2. Adorable. Especially the shoe.

    But, would you, could you, with strawberry sauce? Hmm?

  3. fun,
    love the word play,

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